Backlit Collages

Made using hundreds of small lights and custom electronics, these glossy, translucent  static and kinetic backlit collages explore how weather and climate changes impact various panoramic land and seascapes.


The natural elements fog, rain, sunshine, wind and snow are visually translated using

unconventional materials; paper and light.  

Inspired by Op Art and sculpture from the Bauhaus movement, these hand-made, back-lit lightboxes use hundreds of lights, each one hand-soldered to create a custom light panel, which are best displayed in a dark room. Then, using paper, colored plastic and, in some cases, motors, Susanna and Mark explore and visually translate a range of elements such as fog, rain, sunshine, wind and snow.

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Backlit Collages Videos

Twister Backlit Collage


Kinetic (moving) Backlit Collage

6 x 21 x6"

DC power, motor, lights

Lightning #2 Backlit Collage

Lightning #1

Backlit Collage

6 x 21 x6"

DC power (lightning storm)

Fog Backlit Collage

Backlit Collage
6 x 21 x6"
DC power (lights fade to dark, fog light fades in and out)